lecture 1, question 1

Greta Hauer Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places ‘We believe there was just never an island  there.’ Marie Seton, Scientist who undiscovered ‘Sandy Island’ Car Parks, Casinos or ‘Seahaven’ – a fictional town in Peter Weirs ‘Truman Show’- are constructed environments which can be defined as a Branded Space or Non-Place. What are their modes of […]

lecture 2, question 2

Andrea Mason Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age “It seems that the Surrealist vision of a dream culture has been fully realized in today’s technologies. We are awash in a new, electronic collective unconscious; strapped to several devices, we’re half awake, half asleep. We speak on the phone while surfing the Web, partially […]

Bus journey home

As i was stuck in traffic on my bus journey home i noticed this little area which to me is quite inspiring and , to me, appeals to my childish side. Ive been doing this journey for well over a month now and not once noticed this, shame really because its such a beautiful little […]


Luke John Cooksey, Also known as cookie. 19years old Living in the heart of England, London and currently studying a graphic design BA (hons) degree at London College of Communication Graphic Design and football a massive passion to me. Im interested in old typography and type faces in general, such as Helvetica. I also love […]

Blogging tools

The blogging tools you can use on this useful blog site ( wordpress ). Pages This tool can be useful by organise your posts, rather than have it all together in one spot on your home page. Can also be used as an information tool where you can put key information about a single event, […]


Fanzines by Teal Triggs I’ve been given the task of looking through this zine and all the aggro it has created and commenting on my blog what i feel and think about it. the zine is about other zines in general, theres and a bit of history, culture and how to make zines within this […]